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Hypnobirthing and my 2 Balms are my passion!

As a child my Uncle gave me a soap making kit, since then I have been hooked! After having my second baby, I needed to know what I was putting on her sensitive skin, so after much research and trial after trial, I developed the recipe for my Beach and Baby Bum Balms.

These silky Balms have become a staple in our household and like the 
Hypnobirthing Australia Class, I want to share a natural alternative with the world.

Growing up, I dedicated my childhood to helping others. I am the oldest child and was actively present at two of my sibling's birth - one of which was a spontaneously unassisted homebirth. With my sibling's relaxed births in mind, I went into my first pregnancy unprepared. When I fell pregnant with my second child, I sought out another option. Hypnobirthing was the answer, altering my path as a pregnant woman, a mother and in life. These experiences pressed me down the path of a 'prevention-based' career and with a full heart I became a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner.

I'm so passionate about Hypnobirthing Australia Classes because I have experienced firsthand both types of birth. With Mums being influenced highly by the world through different media avenues, the alternative remains awaiting - there is an option for a serene birth. I will prepare you to use your normal bodily functions in the way they were intended. Coupled with my determination and passion, this can be achieved with the support of the Hypnobirthing materials to help you value your body's abilities.

Look forward feeling confident to a mother-led birth, with the knowledge behind you to make informed choices. Use techniques to stay calm, composed and in control. Birth is imprinted and impacts you and your baby for life, together and independently. Your baby will experience birth once, give your baby a Hypnobirthing start to life.

"Lets birth a new generation of calm babies."


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