Hypnobirthing Australia Classes

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Thank you for taking the first step to a positive and empowering birth!

I think we can agree that all pregnant mothers desire a positive birth; by incorporating knowledge, tools, preparation and support The Hypnobirthing Australia Course will help you achieve this ??

Hypnobirthing is a unique and natural approach to a calm birth using Birth Education Classes. With classes tailored to caesarean and natural birth, it prepares your mind and body for any birth situation. The overall course is set in Australia and is focused toward Australians parents, although available across the world. 

But what is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing refers to the Hypnosis component of Hypnobirthing Australia. By using Hypnotic techniques, the Hypnobirthing course gives you the tools, to practice in class and independently, to help strengthen your mind and relax your body for birth. You will understand how the world has shaped our view on birth and how it impacts birth for mums! The second portion, 'Birthing' referring to a natural, physiological event. You have the option to enjoy this intense, yet empowering event in your life.

With fear influencing how our bodies react to a situation, we work on eliminating fear and changing how you view birth. This will allow your body to relax and release endorphins- a natural relaxant/pain relief, which is turn helps you to relax more and birth baby instinctually. It really is a huge cycle ??

During the Hypnobirthing Class you will gain knowledge, that your body knows exactly how to birth. Hypnobirthing Classes are a birth education class and you will feel confident through your pregnancy to move forward to birth, finding relaxation comes naturally.

Using Hypnobirthing tools, you allow your body to naturally release hormones through relaxation by incorporating the Hypnobirthing techniques supplied to you, within the class and for you to take home and practice.


The classes are held over four x 3 hour sessions or two x 7 hour sessions, depending on the time of year and also what suits mums!

Enrolment for the class has a $150 deposit, which secures your place in the course, with the account due 1 week before the class begins.

Hypnobirthing Australia Classes are an investment, and this investment has guaranteed return with:
  • $200 free voucher for an ebook, Hypnobirthing MP3s and a professional Birth Rehearsal Video.
  • 12 Hours of Face-to-Face Class with a qualified Birth Educator through Hypnobirthing Australia.
  • Ongoing email, phone, hypnosis and skype support.
Call Jessica now to book-in on 0431622492 or email Jessica@joinedatmyhip.com.au to get your enrolment form.